Tred-Safe Deck is a resistant sheet in the industrial corrosion segment and may be used both as support of a compound or simple, roof system, or as reinforced concrete formwork in mezzanines, integrates resistance to corrosion and great strength with light weight. Resolite’s Tred-Safe DECK resistant sheet is an intelligent alternative for highly corrosive environments and is the ideal replacement for traditional roofs in pulp and paper mills, galvanized plants, metal and chemical operations.

Features & Benefits


  • Sheet resistant to highly corrosive environments
  • Great structural resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Light


  • Available to meet the requirements for Factory Mutual class 1 and class I-90 wind classification approvals when used as roof support with isolation
Lámina resistente Tred Safe DECK


Typical application

  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Galvanized plants
  • Metal and chemical operation plants

Technical Characteristics

Nominal weight (oz/pie2)16 oz
Nominal thickness (inches)0.085
Nominal fiberglass content (%)50
White rock

Typical application

Industrial High Specification




After 50 years of experience producing polymer sheets reinforced with fiberglass for the corrosion and industrial markets, Resolite has that experience to design a deck with a special mix of vinyl ester and reinforced with fiberglass resistant to corrosion and humidity.

Tred-Safe Deck is an industrial construction unit that integrates corrosion resistance and great strength in a light weight compound.

Resolite’s Tred-Safe Deck is an intelligent alternative for highly corrosive environments in pulp and paper mills, galvanized plants and metal and chemical operations. Tred-Safe Deck is the ideal replacement for wood roofs, shattered cellular concrete slabs and other deteriorated systems.

May be used both as support for a simple or compound roof system, and as formwork for casting reinforced concrete slabs.

The exclusive combination of fiberglass reinforcement allows achieving an exceptionally strong unit. Builders, users and installers may be sure of counting with Tred-Safe Deck as a save platform work that may be used in many of the same applications of a light gauge metallic Deck.

Resolite’s Tred-Safe DECK de Resolite is available to comply the requirements of the Factory Mutual class 1 and class I-90 wind classification approval when used as support of a roof with isolation. This exclusive system does not require metal fireproof barriers to meet the complete classification. For specific systems requirements, contact your Resolite sales representative in Stabilit.

Other products of the family

Lámina resistente de alta especificación tred safe translúcido

Tred-Safe Translucent

Tred-Safe Translucent is a high specification resistant sheet of polymer reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) of great resistance, with flame classification, produced with a flexible polyester resin specifically developed to be safe and changeable. This resistant sheet is excellent for natural lighting in the high specification industry.
Lámina resistente de alta especificación Tred Safe opaco

Tred-Safe Opaque

Tred-Safe Opaco es una lámina resistente extraordinaria, desarrollada para cubiertas y muros opacos para la industria de alta corrosión y de alta especificación. Por su resistencia extrema es un laminado muy seguro y realmente caminable por el personal de mantenimiento. También excelente para su uso en muros en las aplicaciones con separación entre apoyos muy largos y/o con anticipado con vientos e impactos fuertes.

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