Plastic laminates for any application


Designed primarily for buildings with high foot traffic, covering various construction needs and ensuring low-cost maintenance with the necessary aesthetics for such spaces.


Designed for functional as well as aesthetic purposes, providing a solution with low maintenance costs and a high durability factor; ideal for offices, banks, schools, sports clubs, gardens, etc.


Products for architectural applications; safe, transparent, and durable. They offer different levels of natural light transmission and diffusion. Designed to provide the perfect alternative installation to traditional glass.


Products for the construction of specialized covers to control the ideal and necessary climatic conditions for the growth of plants and seeds. Ideal for solariums, greenhouses, nurseries, etc.


Specially designed to address common agricultural problems; Stabilit products are ideal for agricultural projects, such as agricultural warehouses, compost areas, farms, fertilizers, among others.


High-quality and durable products, designed specifically to meet the needs in the construction of industrial buildings. Ideal for warehouses, factories, distribution centers, stores, hangars, among others.

High specification

High-quality panels with superior resistance to chemicals and corrosive conditions. Designed specifically for extreme environments and as an alternative to conventional materials.


Designed to provide low-maintenance solutions in translucent and opaque lightweight covers, coatings, and decorative elements. Ideal for residential projects such as lightweight covers for pools, patios, terraces, garages, etc.


Designed to meet sanitary needs and complying with USDA standards, they are ideal for healthcare projects such as hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and pharmaceuticals.


Lightweight, rugged, and corrosion-resistant products. Ideal for transportation applications, such as interior and exterior coatings, covers, subfloors, box base coating, railings, among others.