Discover innovation in construction with Pultrux and Pultrux Bar from Stabilit. Pultrux plastic profiles provide durability and strength for various industrial and residential applications. Meanwhile, Pultrux Bar stands as the ideal solution for reinforcing structures in coastal environments, replacing traditional steel rods.

Pultrux plastic profiles are composed of fiberglass and polyester resin. These plastic profiles are manufactured under the production process known as “pultrusion”, giving excellent mechanical and chemical properties to the product. Excellent for wet and corrosive environments and areas with electrical work. Pultrux plastic profiles are ideal for a wide variety of uses such as for secondary structures, tools for electrical work, signaling elements, among others.

Ideal for construction exposed to chemical agents and corrosive environments. Manufactured with isophthalic polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass to ensure excellent resistance in corrosive environments without alterations in its chemical composition and physical behavior. Can adapt to any structure and reduces heat accumulation indoors.

Dowel bars provide an efficient solution for load transfer between concrete slabs in applications such as high-speed tollways, jointed concrete paving, canals, waterways, and industrial flooring. Their non-corrosive nature, lighter weight compared to steel (less than 1/3), electromagnetic transparency, and easy installation with insertion-type paving machines make them a durable and versatile choice for various construction projects.


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