At Stabilit, we believe in being socially and ecologically responsible. By embedding sustainability practices into the core of our business operations, we continually strive to make our world a safer, cleaner and better place. We continually initiate practices to lessen our carbon footprint and make our world a place where future generations will flourish.

We manufacture our products with environmental conservation in mind. Our translucent plastic laminates save energy and contribute to LEED credits for sustainable buildings, while our plastic laminates for the transportation industry, due to its lightweight, allow our customers to save on fuel and energy, and thereby reducing overall emissions.

As a member of the Consejo Mexicano de Edificación Sustentable, we are committed to the promotion of the construction of sustainable buildings in Mexico to counteract climate change, help the environment and spread the best building practices.

Stabilit Sustentabilidad

Every day we strive to make our world a better place for future generations. We are constantly developing new actions to reduce carbon emissions and to make our environment a cleaner and safer place.

Some of the initiatives that we have taken to benefit our environment include:

  • Our manufacturing process is free of gas emission, water and waste materials
  • Every year we recycle almost 500 tons of materials such as cardboard, wood and PET
  • We reduce our energy consumption by using translucent laminates that allow natural lightning
  • We minimize bottled water consumption by installing drinking fountains
  • We are constantly looking for continuous improvement to optimize our processes and reduce waste
  • Our products are free of heavy metals and other toxic substances
  • We use recycled paper for daily printing needs
  • Smoking is prohibited in all of Stabilit’s buildings. We dedicate special outdoor spaces for smokers
  • Every light source has been equipped with high efficiency luminaries that strongly reduce the energy consumption
  • All forklifts runs on LP gas
  • In Stabilit, we use 4 cylinders cars that have efficient fuel consumption

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