Translucent sheet reinforced with fiberglass

Our translucent sheet for ceilings reinforced with fiberglass is custom made, offering personalized natural light transmission combined with a variety of resins, profiles, weights and reinforcements to accomplish specific needs. The translucent sheet for ceilings reinforced with fiberglass does not rot, rust, generate mold, resists most chemicals and corrosion.

Polycarbonate sheets

Stabilit offers high quality polycarbonate sheet for ceilings of high quality and durability in a variety of colors and thicknesses to accomplish specific natural light transmission requirements, as well as reduce heat.

Insulating sheets

Our insulating sheets offer natural light transmission with thermal and acoustic isolation, and are mainly designed for their use in isolated metallic warehouses. Due to its flexible wings, our isolating sheets are compatible with the most commonly used sandwich type sheets, allowing the user to take control of his project without compromising thermal and/or light needs. Stabilit’s insulating sheets offer considerable savings in electricity consumption and contributes to obtaining LEED credits for a sustainable construction.

Insulating sheets