The opaque sheet Opalit is a great option for ceilings, walls and divisions nowadays because it offers quality, resistance, durability and good presentation. Opaque sheet Opalit is ideal for aggressive environments, made with orthophthalic polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass that assures excellent resistance to corrosive environments without altering its chemical composition and physical behavior. It may be adjusted to any structure and reduces indoor heat accumulation.

Lámina opaca Opalit industrial


Opalit for industrial applications is an opaque sheet for ceilings and walls with aggressive corrosive environment since it exceeds in useful life traditional sheets such as asbestos and galvanized; it is also ideal for roofs in coast constructions where the humidity, salinity and sun are common factors. Thanks to its special composition, the Opalit opaque sheet resists corrosive environments without alterations in its chemical composition and physical behavior, reducing indoors accumulation of heat. Opalit opaque sheet for industrial uses is available in every existing profile in the market and is compatible with Stabilit’s translucent sheet.
Lámina opaca Opalit agricola


Opalit for agroindustry applications is an opaque sheet that results from a unique technological development, made with orthophthalic polyester resin. An opaque sheet designed to withstand ammonium gases, created for chicken and pig waste, resulting in an excellent product for roofs, walls and ceilings of poultry and swine farms.
Lámina opaca Opalit para Torres de enfriamiento

Cooling towers

Opaque Opalit sheets for Cooling towers are specially designed to withstand highly corrosive environments frequently related with the cooling towers industry; made in the USA by Resolite, with more than 50 years of experience in high specification construction. This opaque sheet is available for general uses and with a flame-retardant option with Fire Classification UL25.
Lámina multipanel opaca


Opalit for households is an excellent multipanel opaque sheet, anti-corrosive, light with nice appearance. Its special Gel Coat protection provides additional durability, preventing the aging of the product. Of easy and fast installation, this multipanel opaque sheet makes it an ideal option to create shadows on “do it yourself” projects. Provides a comfortable environment and high weather resistance.

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