Features & Benefits


  • Natural lighting
  • Outstanding impact and weathering resistance
  • Excellent performance to corrosion and chemical agents
  • Dimensional stability
  • UL 25 Fire Classification
  • Multiple fiberglass reinforcements
  • C/W barrier protection


  • Resistant sheet, supports concentrated loads of conventional foot traffic
  • Meets ASTM D3841 norm
  • Safety
Lámina resistente de alta especificación tred safe translúcido


Typical application

  • For chemical plants’ roofs and walls
  • For water treatment and fertilizers plants
  • Metal coating processes, galvanized, etc.


Available types1645
Nominal weight (oz/Sq. Ft)16 oz/pie2
Nominal thickness (in*)2.54mm (0.100")
Nominal fiberglass content45%
Light transmission50%
FinishCloaked on both sides
* Every thickness is based on flat material. The thickness varies according to the profile.

Technical Characteristics

Types 1645
Barcol hardness ASTM D258340
Flexion resistance, psi ASTM D79042,000
Flexion module, ASTM D7901.3 x 106
Tension resistance, psi ASTM D63832,000
Dilatation coefficient (in./in./ºF) ASTM D6381.11 x 10-5
Conductivity (Factor K) ASTM C1771.15
Dielectric effort RMS V. @60 cycles ASTM D149483 V/Thousand
Fire resistance ignition point ASTM D1929820ºF - 900ºF (438ºC - 482ºC)
Flame propagation classification ASTM E84 (UL 723)25*

Typical application

High Specification


RESISTANT SHEET 4.2 x 1 - 1/16"




3.05 x 0.45 m



In the Industrial Market of Corrosion, Resolite and Anti-Flame FS25A are synonyms of Polymer Sheets Reinforced with Fiberglass Classified against fire with the best Resolite Glass quality. It started production in 1951 and in 1964 developed and produced the first FRP Sheet fire Retardant.

Resolite’s Tred-Safe was designed to solve requirements for a roof that was fire resistant, strong, safe and able to walk on it. The Tred-Safe incorporates the same Isophthalic Polyester resin used for FS25A and CRFS25A products. The resin is mixed with a combination of 5 reinforcement layers including C/W Barriers, interwoven fiberglass arranged in a bidirectional way in continuous; and cut arranged in a multidirectional way, Making Tred-Safe the optimum walkable FRP sheet. Tred-Safe type 1645, is the hardest sheet for walls and roofs, with a nominal weight of 16 oz./sq.ft. and approximately 45% of Fiberglass reinforcement. This heavy reinforcement combination, joined with Resolite’s resin elasticity result in a Strong, Flexible and really changeable sheet. With more than 10 years of performance, Tred-Safe has proven the benefits of supporting concentrated loads of maintenance personnel. Tred-Safe is ideal as sheet for walls that require more separation between supports or great impact resistance. The matrix, Resin/Fiberglass of Tred-Safe Isophthalic Polyester resin reinforced with Fiberglass allows a long period of life of service in corrosive environments and offers outstanding weathering resistance characteristics. The resistance of the resin against weathering is accomplished with the formula characteristics of Neopentyl Glycol, acrylic modification and UV stabilizers. Resolite goes a step beyond corrosion and weathering resistance when providing C/W Barrier on both exterior and interior surfaces of the Tred-Safe as standard. C/W barrier is the highest-ranking solution for a better behavior of the FRP sheets and is far superior to the coating that is highly volatile when sprayed on the sheet that corrodes and fades in a short time. Resolite’s Tred-Safe in Section 4.2 x 1-1/16” is ideal to replace old corrugated cement sheets, since both have an identical corrugation.

Other products of the family

Lámina resistente de alta especificación Tred Safe opaco

Tred-Safe Opaque

Tred-Safe Opaco es una lámina resistente extraordinaria, desarrollada para cubiertas y muros opacos para la industria de alta corrosión y de alta especificación. Por su resistencia extrema es un laminado muy seguro y realmente caminable por el personal de mantenimiento. También excelente para su uso en muros en las aplicaciones con separación entre apoyos muy largos y/o con anticipado con vientos e impactos fuertes.
Lámina resistente Tred Safe DECK

Tred-Safe Deck

Tred-Safe Deck is a resistant sheet in the industrial corrosion segment and may be used both as support of a compound or simple, roof system, or as reinforced concrete formwork in mezzanines, integrates resistance to corrosion and great strength with light weight. Resolite’s Tred-Safe DECK resistant sheet is an intelligent alternative for highly corrosive environments and is the ideal replacement for traditional roofs in pulp and paper mills, galvanized plants, metal and chemical operations.

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