Steeliner High Gloss plastic sheets are sheets with high gloss manufactured with polyester resin and reinforced with fiberglass of the the highest quality and aesthetic, giving a resplendent and smooth appearance.

These Steeliner High Gloss plastic sheets have a special Gel Coat finish that assure that the sheet’s high gloss stays longer and the color quality is stable avoiding surface porosity.

Thanks to special resin formula, it resists more and is better than any other product in its category in extreme weather conditions. Steeliner High Gloss’s avant-garde process answer to the highest design and quality expectations.

Features & Benefits


  • Superior aesthetic: smooth with high gloss, a finish like mirror without visible fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Superior resistance to extreme weather conditions, with specialized resin and Gel Coat protection
  • Scratch, abrasion, dents and bumps resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Stabilized UV to improve its outdoor capabilities.


  • Comfort: improved insulation properties, controls internal temperature and reduces noise of the road
  • Savings: high durability material that does not require expensive repairs or special maintenance
  • Simplicity: looks very good after a fast and easy cleaning.


Typical application

  • Exterior and/or interior sheets in delivery cars
  • Trucks
  • Ambulances, among others


PropertyMeasure unitASTM
Flexion resistance19,000 PSID-790
Flexion module550,000 PSID-790
Tension resistance12,000 PSID-638
Tension module850,000 PSID-638
IZOD impact7 Ft. Lbs.D-256
Barcol hardness40D-2583
COLTE0.000015 IN/IN ºFD-696
Water absorption (%)0.3D-570
Specific gravity1.6D-792

Typical application


USEExterior and/or interior sheets for delivery cars, trucks, ambulances, among others
Special colorsSpecial colors available on demand.
Thickness0.50 mm - 0.65 mm
WidthUp to 3.05 m
LengthMaximum length 196' / 60 m
Weight0.23 lbs. Sq. Ft
Minimum radius of curvature7"


Steeliner High-Gloss:

  • Thicknesses of 1.27 mm - 3.0 mm and widths up to 3.05 m.
  • Up to 3.05 mm in roll, as well as sheets cut to a standard measure.
  • Standard colors: Artic White. Personalized colors available on demand.
  • On the back side with Corona treatment.

Other products of the family


Steeliner puts within the reach if the body industry the best plastic sheets for dry and refrigerated boxes, specially manufactured with global technology for transport professionals.

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