Steeliner for Interiors are plastic sheets designed to cover walls and lateral reinforcements of dry and refrigerated boxes, made with polyester resin of the highest quality and a high fiberglass content as reinforcement. This plastic sheet has extraordinary mechanical properties, as well as superior dimensional stability. Its high fiberglass content gives it high impact and corrosion resistance, and high rigidity, in addition it is easy to clean.

Steeliner for interior applications are plastic sheets (light sheet) that decrease the weight of the units and reduce operation costs. This product can be found in standard and reinforced with Woven Roving presentations, the last one gives additional and greater mechanical resistance properties, as well as increase in impact and tear resistance.

Features & Benefits


  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • High impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High rigidity
  • Chemical resistance


  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extends the life of the vehicle
  • Fuel savings due to its low weight


Typical application

  • Plastic sheets for interior of dry and refrigerated boxes of delivery cars and trucks, among others.


VarietyThickness MeasuresColorFinish
Standard plastic sheets2.3mm, 3.0mm2.44mx75m 2.59mx75mWhiteSmooth and cloaked
Plastic sheets with Woven Robin1.5mm, 1.9mmWhiteSmooth and cloaked
Plastic sheet with Gel Coat finish1.5mm, 2.3mm, 3.0mmWhiteSmooth


Technical characteristics 1.5mm
Flexion resistance18,096 PSIASTM D-790
Flexion module650,000 PSIASTM D-790
Tension resistance9,247 PSIASTM D-638
Tension module1,000,000 PSIASTM D-638
IZOD impact9.6 Fl. Lbs.ASTM D-256
Barcol hardness40ASTM D-2583
Technical characteristics 2.3mm/th>
Flexion resistance19,852 PSIASTM D-790
Flexion module720,000 PSIASTM D-790
Tension resistance11,430 PSIASTM D-638
Tension module900,000 PSIASTM D-638
IZOD impact10.1 Fl. Lbs.ASTM D-256
Barcol hardness40ASTM D-2583
Technical characteristics 3.0mm
Flexion resistance22,703 PSIASTM D-790
Flexion module880,000 PSIASTM D-790
Tension resistance12,329 PSIASTM D-638
Tension module950,000 PSIASTM D-638
IZOD impact8.51 Ft. Lbs.ASTM D-256
Barcol hardness45ASTM D-2583

Typical application


Other products of the family

Recubrimientos plásticos para exteriores

Steeliner for outdoors

Steeliner for Exteriors are plastic sheets made with polyester resin and reinforced with fiberglass, designed for covering external walls of dry and refrigerated boxes. These plastic sheets have a special formulation that provides them a high outdoors performance, and its acrigelcoat finish allows them to have a low yellowing and high aesthetic levels. Available with several attributes such as veil, woven roving and self-adhesive film.

Steeliner for translucent awnings

Steeliner plastic sheets for Translucent Awnings is special translucent sheet for ceilings of boxes, transmits 10% or 30% of the received light energy, it also provides great resistance and excellent dimensional stability. These plastic sheets are characterized by having protection against UV rays so its durability extends, in addition, the sheet’s edges may have extra fiberglass reinforcement that provides greater mechanical resistance, preventing the product from tearing and the fasteners placed on the ends to be thrown away. Steeliner for Translucent Awnings is available in standard option and with a net reinforcement (scrim) that increases its tearing resistance and in Woven Roving option for special needs.

Steeliner for sub-floor

Steeliner plastic sheets for sub-floor are distinguished by their great capacity to support impacts, humidity and chemical agents. Resistant to extreme weather temperatures, ideal to avoid corrosion. These Steeliner plastic sheets for sub-floors they have great tension resistance, which reduces vibrations and avoids fractures.

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