Pultrux plastic profiles are made of fiberglass and polyester resin. These plastic profiles are manufactured with the productive process known as “pultrusion”, granting excellent mechanical and chemical characteristics to the product. Excellent for humid or corrosive environments and for areas with electric works. Pultrux plastic profiles are ideal for a wide range of uses, such as secondary structures, tools for electric works and signage elements, among others.

Pultrux for assemblies

Pultrux plastic profiles are excellent for tools, stairs (industrial and residential) and signage elements manufacturing. Resistant to corrosion and provide electrical and thermal isolation. These plastic profiles are resistant to corrosive, acid, saline and alkaline environments, and electrochemical corrosion resistant. Does not require paint because the color of the product is integrated to the material.

Pultrux for secondary structures

Pultrux plastic profiles may substitute secondary steel construction structures. Its fiberglass and polyester constitution weights 25%* and resists 70%** of load compared with commercial steel, tolerates electric charges higher than 25,000 Volts in AC current and common industrial chemicals does not affect its properties. Pultrux plastic profiles do not require paint or maintenance, it is faster to assemble and do not need special tools or equipment for its installation.

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