Especial composition of Artizan FRP converts it in a panel for walls with an attractive design, easy to install and to keep clean. It offers competitive prices, since its surface is made with Melamine to create a durable, resistant and of great visual appeal product.

Features & Benefits

  • Variety of finishes for walls that allow creating different atmospheres
  • Impact, stain, bacteria and mold resistant; does not crack
  • Competitive price compared with ceramic tiles, HPL and vinyl materials
  • Its cleaning is very easy and can be done with simple methods
  • Panel dimensions - 1.22m x 2.44m x 2.4mm (0/90)
Recubrimiento para muros Artizan FRP


Typical application

  • Industrial: chemical plants, food manufacturers
  • Commercial: supermarkets, kitchen, restaurants, offices, cold rooms, freezers
  • Health: hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s office, pharmacies
  • Residential: bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms
  • Institutional: government buildings, schools, museums, among others


Apply adhesive on the back side of the sheets and place them on the corresponding wall.


Available in 2.44 m white color.

Interior Corner

Exterior Corner

Division Bar



Available in 2.44 m.

Interior Corner  A551

Exterior Corner A560

Division Bar A565

Top A570


FRP sheets may be easily cut with scissors or a carbide saw.

Apply adhesive on the back side of the sheet and place them on the corresponding wall.



48 Monticello Anigre

5408 Monterey Sand

T939-G44 Verona (1/8” score with white nozzle)

T938-G44 Tuscany (1/8” score with white nozzle)


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