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Signaling and tools

Stabilit’s offering of panels and profiles covers a wide variety of materials, colors, transparencies and surfaces for a variety of applications. Our products offer many mechanical advantages and are easy to use.

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Creative materials for creative people: If you enjoy DIY projects and are looking for a unique touch to your home, then you have come to the right place. The uses of our polycarbonate and fiberglass reinforced products are endless. You can build doors, furniture, decorations, false ceiling and many other interesting outside projects.

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We offer a variety of products for the refrigeration industry, such as refrigerated chambers, commercial refrigerators and refrigerated showcases. Whenever you need a hygienic interior cladding or a secure glazing, you can count on our products.

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Public Security

We offer ideal solutions for security elements where tough, resistant materials are a key element. Macrolux Solid’s broad range and variety is excellent for window glazing and for doors; while Mono AB (Anti-Ballistic) is a specially developed bulletproof product, ideal for manufacturing police shields and bank windows, among other surfaces.

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