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Natural lighting on industrial walls and roofs

Stabilit offers a broad range of translucent sheets that combine optimal light transmission and superior outdoor resistance, blocking harmful UV rays and providing several benefits for your building. Certainly, you will find a product suitable for your needs.

Coatings for interior walls and ceilings

Fiberglass reinforced polyester wall panels are durable, resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for heavy traffic where hygiene and easy maintenance are essential. They guarantee an easy and fast installation without the need of special tools and provide an effective alternative to, stainless steel or ceramic tiles.

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Opaque sheets for roofs and walls

If you are looking for corrosion resistance for your warehouse, you can learn more about our products. Also, take a look at our applications gallery.

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Stabilit offers products for in-between floor, mixed with vinyl ester resin and reinforced with fiberglass. Corrosion and humidity resistant. Tred-Safe DECK is a construction component that integrates corrosion resistance and high mechanical resistance with a light assembly.

Products used in these projects:


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