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Natural lighting on roofs and walls

If you look for natural light, Stabilit has products designed to meet your expectations. In addition to fire retardant and high mechanical capacity panels, Stabilit’s product portfolio include different compositions of resin and fiberglass that are designed to completely optimize for corrosion resistance and cover your mechanical needs.

Opaque sheets for roofs and walls

We offer a complete line of fiberglass panels designed to fulfill every project’s specifications. Resolite products -manufactured by the Resolite division in USA – are designed to be the most durable fiberglass panels on the market.

Products used in these projects:


“Tred-Safe Deck” is the intelligent decking choice for highly corrosive environments. Tred-Safe DECK is the ideal replacement option for old wooden slabs, cracked concrete slabs or other corroded systems. It can be used as a construction support, as a simple roofing system or as a reinforced concrete slab system.

Products used in these projects:

Accessories, flashings and gutters

We offer a complete line of installation accessories, flashings and gutters to complement our products’ portfolio. These corrosion resistant accessories offer the customer a complete set of materials that ensure a hermetic and durable installation.


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