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Roofing with natural lightning

Stabilit offers a wide range of translucent sheets that combine optimal light transmission and superior weather resistance, blocking harmful UV rays and offering several benefits for your building. You will surely find the right product for your specific needs.

Curtain walls and dividing walls

Curtain wall is a light front with an incredibly light and fine appearance -either vertical or horizontal- that reduces construction costs and offers an architecturally pleasing building, as well as providing all of the benefits of natural lighting. Our high quality products help providing thermal and visual comfort by using highly crystalized curtain walls for your building.

Products used in these projects:

Covered corridors

There are several reasons to build roofed corridors such as protection from harmful UV rays and changing weather conditions, improve security, economic protection and benefits or add value to your building. Whatever the reason may be, you will surely find the right product for your specific needs.

Products used in these projects:

Acoustic barriers

Transparent acoustic barriers are the ideal way to reduce or virtually eliminate the visual impact of an acoustic barrier. Stabilit’s sheets offer excellent acoustic isolation characteristics, resistance to vandalism and even fire. They protect against UV rays and can be manufactured with a glass-like appearance, an excellent option because it is quick and easy to install.

Products used in these projects:


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